Swinerton's Christina Tetrick to present at Advancing Field Technology Conference

Contributor: Swinerton Blogger   |   August 21, 2017   |   Image Gallery »
Swinerton's Christina Tetrick to present at Advancing Field Technology Conference

As Swinerton has grown and changed over the years, our employees have asked themselves one question over and over again: How can we make this work better?

And that’s the key question at hand at the Advancing Field Technology 2017 conference, which begins today in Denver.

Swinerton Regional Quality Director Christina Tetrick has a starring role, as she will speak about the tools Swinerton uses to identify and track deficiencies, help make work more cost-effective, and drive companywide buy-in to these quality control best practices.

As Swinerton strives for continuous improvement across the entire company, Christina will detail how Swinerton is using software to rapidly and effectively track issues and rework on job sites, which saves costs for both builders and owners. Cloud-based software tools put power in the hands of users at every point in the process, giving high flexibility and functionality to project teams.

Not only do these software tools calculating costs, they also empower users by giving back data that can be analyzed to identify common job site errors. Swinerton’s project teams can then better communicate between the office and the field, and drive efficiencies and solutions across the company.

Christina’s work is critical for Swinerton’s project teams as we steam ahead into new markets and geographies - so tune in to hear how she has used technology, software, data, and best practices to help drive Swinerton to a more innovative and efficient future!

Learn more about the Advancing Field Technology conference at their website: Advancing Field Technology 2017